As a photographer I know how important it is to get your work out there, and I always feel grateful when I see people promoting my work. Therefore I've decided to create an extra tab for promoting other photographers.

These photographers are friends of mine and/or photographers whose work I really enjoy.

Maiken Bull

Maiken Bull is a 22-year-old girl from Norway and her passion is photography.
She studied Photography in the Arts for a year at Swansea Metropolitan University of Wales Trinity Saint David and is currently studying at Bilder Nordic School of Photography.

Red Bird Hills

I'm very much in love with Red Bird Hills' family photos. So much, in fact, that whenever the time comes that I have a family of my own, I'm willing to fly across half this world to get Red Bird Hills to take our photos.
"Red Bird Hills is a site for your daily dose of warm fuzzies. Here at Red Bird Hills, we don't take ourselves too seriously, we never miss the chance to have a good belly laugh and we take plenty of time to stop and smell the roses. So come on in, we promise not to bite."

Michael Ernst

When Michael was a child, he always made sure he had a camera in his pocket.  Especially when fishing and hunting with his father.  His passion and experience for photography has grown tremendously in the past few years.  He is combining his love for fishing, outdoors and photography and taking it to a whole new level.  He can capture that fish of a lifetime like no one else!  He will capture the whole fishing trip, from the fishing to the battle to the catch!  The outcome will be pictures that tell the story over and over again and will hold onto the experience forever!

Allister Ann

Allister Ann is a Nashville-based photographer. She's worked with musicians such as The Civil Wars, Christina Perri and The Lumineers. On her twitter profile it says: "drew the world as I saw it, then found a cameras eye could capture what mine missed...". Allister Ann is a really talented photographer that never stops inspiring me.

Lotte Elise Hansen

Lotte Elise Hansen is a 22-year-old photographer from Norway, and currently studying Photography In The Arts (BA) in Swansea. Lotte enjoys doing all sorts of creative work, but photography is her passion. Lotte has a way of thinking that anything that can be imagined- can be created, and strives to create worlds beyond reality through her photography.

Kier Adams

Kier Adams is a photographer based in Swansea. I've had the pleasure of knowing him for a couple of years now, and he never seizes to amaze me with his filmic images.
"The work I create aims to use physical presence to create narratives that are completely fictitious. I am fascinated with creating images that do not explore the complexities of the subject but rather embrace photography’s power of representation by making a portrait to be anything other than a portrait that explores the subject."

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