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I really enjoy the music created by the artists I've had the pleasure of photographing.

If you want to know more about the artists or their music, click on their names and you'll be transferred to their website.

Emma Stevens

Emma Stevens writes and sings "Folk/pop songs with a twist and lots of sparkle", and she plays many instruments including guitar, banjo and ukulele. She's toured with her friend Jenn Bostic and opened the shows with her sparkly music and great smile.

The Life of Riley

TLoR creates music in the indie genre. They don't make music for the money, they do it simply because they love it. They're very down to earth when you meet them, and can spontaneously put on a great concert at Stageit.com whenever they feel like it.

Sam Gray

To be honest I don't really know that much about Sam's music yet, as I just recently found out about him. All I can say is that I love it, and that the songs are stuck on my mind. Perhaps you should check him out.

Belinda Webb

B-Webb is a freelance drummer that has worked with: Bristish singer/songwriter Emma Stevens (various UK tours); American rap artist, Watsky and Nashville based singer/songwriter, Jenn Bostic. ...

Christian Kane

Christian Kane's music goes under the genres Southern Rock, Americana and Country. He's got a voice that's really comfortable to listen to, gives amazing performances on stage, and he says all the time that he's got the best fans in the world.

Brian Nutter

You might know him as Keith Urban's lead guitarist, but Brian Nutter is equally talented as a solo performer. He sings country/rock music, has a lot of enthusiasm on stage, laughs into the mic and gets everybody to clap their hands and sing along.

Owen McGarry

I first heard of Owen when he opened for Sam Gray, and I really enjoyed his performance. I would love to tell you more about his music, but I'm still learning about it myself. Check out his website to learn more.

Ron Pope

I came across Ron Pope when I was photographing a musician that was opening for him, and I'm so grateful that I did. He is such an amazing musician with a stunning voice.

Jenn Bostic

Jenn Bostic's music is a perfectly balanced mix of country and pop. She's very down to earth, loving, welcoming and so much more. Her voice is filled with honesty and compassion, and she is without doubt a rising star. 

Jeff Bostic 

(Website unavailable) Jeff Bostic plays music as a solo performer and with his band The Blendercats. He is a great bass-player with experience within several different genres. In addition to touring with The Blendercats, he has also toured with his sister Jenn Bostic. 

Sam Whiting

Sam Whiting is Emma Stevens' very talented guitarist. In addition to touring with Emma and various other artists, he also teach guitar to a professional standard and has been doing so for 8 years.

Wakey! Wakey!

W!W! was one on the musicians opening for Ron Pope, and that night was the first time I heard Michael Grubbs' voice. His voice, the lyrics and Grubbs' stage presence is just incredible to say the least.

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