Going Through Withdrawal

It’s been so long.
I’ve had the camera in my hands, and I’ve had wedding couples and adorable kids appear through the viewfinder.
I’ve had music in my ear and on in the studio, quite loud at times too, but it’s not the same.
I need a concert and I need it soon.

Weddings are fun. Exhausting, but fun.
The bride and groom, best man and maid of honour, family and friends… there’s so much to learn and my boss is a good mentor. Occasionally she feels more like a private gym instructor, considering all the heavy equipment I often have to hold and carry, but it comes with the territory. I don’t really mind it either.
I design ‘thank you’-cards for christenings and  weddings, and design wedding and family albums, and I design Christmas cards. I enjoy it, and learn from it, but it’s not the same.
I enjoy working at that studio, I enjoy working with my boss, I enjoy making the designs.
I enjoy seeing repeat costumers arrive with kid number 2 and 3, and seeing them grow.
But nothing compares to that feeling you get when you enter a venue to photograph a show.
Nothing compares to the feeling of seeing a not so known musician develop from just standing on the centre of the stage singing, to barely a year later totally owning the stage. To that feeling you get when you hear them sing the same song, but so much better than last time ‘cause they’ve practised and developed their voices. To that feeling of watching the fans wipe tears away as the songs bring old memories to the surface.
All the details…
How they always look at each other with pride, as if to say ’ we nailed it again’.
How she always fidgets with her ring when she talks about her husband or her father.
How he always forget the lyrics, and the fans correct him and laugh it off.
How she always sound like she has the biggest smile on her face when singing.
How he always laugh into the microphone in between songs.
How she always takes the time to meet the fans after the show for hugs, photos, autographs or sharing of stories.
The coloured lights.
The amazing sound of the instrument, the musicians  voices, the laugher of the audience.
The feeling of my camera firmly placed in my hands, as the live music enters my ears.
The chills and goose bumps I get from the amazing voices, the atmosphere, the instrumental solos.
The sense of pride when I look at my photographs and just know ‘That’s the one’.
The feeling of accomplishment when the musicians get to see their photos.
The feeling of wanting to stay up all night right after the concert, just to finish post production.
The feeling of finally uploading the photos.
The feeling of….. well, pretty much All Of It!

I miss it every day.
I feel like I’m going crazy every time I think of how long it’s been since my last show.
It’s time to ask the professionals for advice.

Hopefully I’ll get my act together and update here more often.
I have a few ideas and projects in mind, but it’ll take time.
For now you’ll have to make do with a photo from my last time in the studio with the lovely Axelle.
(it’s for a project that is nowhere related to music, and is inspired by photographer Ragne Sigmond)

Light painting, with my model Axelle.

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